Mission, Vision, and Value Statements

Mission Statement

Highlander Emergency Medical Services is a student-run collegiate emergency medical services organization dedicated to improving and maintaining the health and safety of the students, staff, faculty, and guests of the University of California Riverside (UCR) through the provision of basic life support services and life-saving education. Partnering with other local and regional resources in Riverside County and the Inland Empire, HEMS is available directly to the UCR Campus and indirectly to the Riverside communities adjacent to the UCR Campus.

Vision Statement

The vision of Highlander Emergency Medical Services is to make UCR a safer and healthier community by building a unique, student-based emergency medical service with high quality training and patient care. Highlander EMS is prepared to respond to any situation at a moments notice.


As representatives of the University, School of Medicine, and the EMT practice we respectfully uphold the following:

  • Service: Dedication to our community, on and off-campus.

  • Professionalism: Honoring the Operating Principles and Emergency Medical Technician Oath.

  • Integrity: Upholding moral and ethical conduct at all times.

  • Respect: Embracing diversity, inclusion, and equality of individual and recognizing their worth.

  • Innovation: Taking creative risks to innovate, adapt, and improve.

  • Trust: Reliance on the integrity, character, strength, and ability of our members.

Operating Principles

1. Operate through Teamwork.

2. Operate to Position HEMS & UCR Student Health for the Future.

3. Operate Ethically and with Integrity.